As of 28 MAR 2015

Southbound Today ---------------- 0
Northbound Today ---------------- 4
Total Whales Today -------------- 4
Southbound Calves Today --------- 0
Northbound Calves Today --------- 1

Season to Date (since 1 Dec 2014)

Southbound ------------------- 1890
Northbound ------------------- 1395
Total ------------------------ 3285
Calves South ------------------- 50
Calves North ------------------- 15

Message from the observers: A slow day today. Our first whale was a single that had some orca rake marks on its flukes. Then came a cow/calf that hurried right along toward the cove that is just north of us. Our last whale was a large whale. We saw FIN WHALES on a number of different occasions; one came in to less that a half mile offshore. One fin whale lifted its head out of the water (not really a lunge) that fin whale was just under a mile offshore. COMMON DOLPHIN, BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN and PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN were also seen today. While we were waiting for gray whales, we watched a large sea lion wrestle with a very big fish. The sea lion slapped it around for about fifteen minutes. The gulls were all around looking to steal the fish.

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