As of 4 Dec 2016

Southbound Today ---------------- 2
Northbound Today ---------------- 0
Total Whales Today -------------- 2
Southbound Calves Today --------- 0
Northbound Calves Today --------- 0

Season to Date (since 1 Dec 2015)

Southbound ---------------------- 2
Northbound ---------------------- 1
Total --------------------------- 3
Calves South -------------------- 0
Calves North -------------------- 0

Message from the observers: We sighted our first two southbound GRAY WHALES for this season! Both were juveniles traveling alone, and came within a quarter mile of shore. The first did not fluke. The second fluked on every deeper dive; when it got to Whale Rock after sunset, it appeared to roll in the kelp, lifted its head, and as it fluked we could see kelp hanging from the fluke. Four FIN WHALES were feeding in the Redondo Canyon. A HUMPBACK WHALE milled for a long time in line with Catalina Island, likely feeding. We also spotted COMMON DOLPHIN and BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN. Our day ended as the sun set with a green flash behind Santa Barbara Island.

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