As of 24 Apr 2017

Southbound Today ---------------- 0
Northbound Today --------------- 16
Total Whales Today ------------- 16
Southbound Calves Today --------- 0
Northbound Calves Today --------- 7

Season to Date (since 1 Dec 2016)

Southbound ------------------- 1256
Northbound ------------------- 1769
Total ------------------------ 3025
Calves South ------------------- 68
Calves North ------------------ 110

Message from observers: Two cow/calf pairs traveling together did a spyhop, a head lift, and a bubble blast! They came in to just above the edge of the Point Vicente cliff. We watched them as they swam underwater, along with three other sightings. We heard blows on one of our eight sightings. A calf fluked during one sighting. A solo whale kept a low profile, and almost snuck by us unnoticed. We tracked at least three FIN WHALES that were swimming in circles, as well as COMMON DOLPHIN and BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN.

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