As of 1 May 2016

Southbound Today ---------------- 0
Northbound Today ---------------- 8
Total Whales Today -------------- 8
Southbound Calves Today --------- 0
Northbound Calves Today --------- 4

Season to Date (since 1 Dec 2015)

Southbound ------------------- 1430
Northbound ------------------- 2232
Total ------------------------ 3662
Calves South ------------------- 33
Calves North ------------------ 193

Message from the observers: Our sightings today also included a FIN WHALE! One sighting was "extremely" stealthy, another was low profile, and another one came in very close to shore - right below our fence line (see photo). We also spotted a FIN WHALE, COMMON DOLPHIN, PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN, and BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN; the bottlenose dolphin fed and milled for half an hour.

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